Top 10: The Best Food Photography by Bloggers

Best Food Photography

This is a list of 10 food bloggers who have the best photographs of their recipes and dishes.

The reason I put this list together is so that beginner food bloggers can get inspiration and see how other bloggers create different styles, use props and backgrounds in different ways.

Here are some things to study when looking at beautiful food photography:

  • The lighting, notice how the dishes are well lit, most food bloggers use natural light coming in from the window
  • See what angles work best for different types of food, and the unique composition styles you can get
  • And check out how other bloggers use props and backgrounds to create different styles and add character to their pictures and images

Follow along with my post food photography tips and tricks guide for beginners, and you’ll be able to start taking stunning and great food photos just like the ones below.

Top 10 Food Photographers and Blogs To Follow

1. The Awesome Green

Veggie Food Photography

Best food photography

Beautiful food photography

2. Savory Simple

Beautiful Food Photography

Stunning Food Photography

Food Photography Styles

3. Passionate About Baking

Food photography inspiration

Cake Photography

4. A Bubbly Life

Drink Photography

Cucumber Drink Recipe

Watermelon Drink Recipe

5. Healthy Nibbles & Bits

Food Photography Inspiration

Stunning Food Pictures

Beautiful Food Photographs

6. Vegan Yack Attack

Drinks Recipe

Unique Food Photography

Food Photography Styles

7. Hello Glow

Food Photos

Photography For Food Bloggers

Photography For Food Blogging

8. Use Your Noodles

Colorful Food Photography

Beautiful Food Photography

Food Photography Tricks

9. My Baking Addiction

Baking Photography


Baking Photography

10. Wild Orchard

Food Photography Inspiration

Food Images

Best Food Photography

If you want to learn how to take photographs just like the ones above (and find out which is the best camera for food bloggers), then follow along with my tutorial here: Food Photography Tips and Tricks Guide For Beginners: Step by Step

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